Graham Strings

Here at Graham Strings, we manufacture high quality stringed instruments reminiscent of the cigar box era. If an actual cigar box is used to make the body of the instrument, the box is chosen based in its tone and acoustic potential. If a new body is made, it is constructed of high quality tone woods red cedar for instrument tops and either poplar or maple make the sides and back of the instrument. Rosewood and ebony finger boards are used, as are our own ebony nuts, bridges and tailpieces. Bridges are floating, allowing for fine-tuning intonation, which often changes with different string types. Pegheads are our own handmade, original design, and quality tuning machines are used. Customized amplification is possible, depending on the requirements of the user.

Cigar box mandolin

Mandolin peghead

"Las Cabrillas" tenor guitar

Hand carved mahogany neck and peghead

"I love my Bruce Graham cigar box tenor guitar, the one instrument I never put away. It's always out in my living room, ready to jam - a fine, fine instrument!"
~  Dan Zanes, Grammy winning former member of the Del Fuegos

"LaFlor Dominicana" trapezoid guitar

Close up of inset ebony end piece and ebony bridge

Guitar body

Banjo uke in the works

Hand carved neck of mahogany

Peg head roughed out

Hand sanding the neck

"Hey Bruce....in case you want it, here's the guitar on stage before a show....ready to rock!"
~  Dan Zanes, Grammy winning former member of the Del Fuegos

"Shaker box" guitar

Hand carved poplar neck and peghead

Rosewood and ebony bridge

"7-20-4" cigar box guitar

Fretless shaker box bass

Inset ebony end piece and ebony bridge

View of shaker box construction and ebony fingerboard

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